Contemporary Beauty/Boudoir Portrait Photography

for Mature Women combining portraiture, fashion, glamour and boudoir genres.

"I shoot my beauty/boudoir portrait clients with one objective in mind to create their forever image that portrays their often hidden sensual side in a stylish, elegant manner"

—Laurence W

My Contemporary Beauty/Boudoir Portrait Style

In my experience, women choose a beauty/boudoir shoot for themselves, which is usually not a decision they make for anyone else.

The images are for them and perhaps a few close confidantes, which is why we at Private Eye strive to respect the privacy of our customers.

Images are always password protected and stored for a short period after the shoot before they are deleted (unless the customer wants them to be retained), leaving the only copies in the customer's hands.

Their decision to conduct a beauty shoot can be provoked by many life events, from divorce to illness or simply the desire to stop being submerged during the day to drudgery that undermines their true self.

At all times, I am only an observer there to capture the images that portray their true essence as classy, sensual women.

My years as an award-winning beauty and fashion glamour photographer have enabled me to master the poses, looks and lighting most flattering for the female body shape.

While the main focus of the shoot is to capture your forever image, it may involve several different photographic styles, from editorial to the increasingly popular boudoir style. The answers to your questionnaire will give me an idea of what styles to emphasise ad what you are most comfortable with.

All the shoots take place in my Auckland Studio, which is set up to create stunning beauty/boudoir portraits of you.

I am also the editor of "Fit Beauty Magazine", which will showcase women's stories about how fitness and healthy living have changed their lives. And how they feel about themselves.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Laurence W

"Class never goes out of style" is a well-known quote and is irrevocably linked with the way I portray the sensual side of a woman"

—Laurence W

Your choice of the Contemporary Beauty/Boudoir Portrait Style you are most comfortable with