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Beauty/Boudoir Portrait Blogs

This is a series of blogs that explores all aspects of what is meant by contemporary portrait photography.

It explains all the photography genres that form the mix of contemporary portrait photography.

These include beauty, portraiture, fashion, editorial, glamour and the popular boudoir genres.

In addition to this, the blogs will examine the reasons why women want a forever image as well as the reasons they might not have the confidence to proceed.

Other topics will include the free guides they will receive to help them with posing and clothing choices and address any questions they may have.

The blogs are designed to give someone who may be considering a beauty portrait the confidence to take the next step and inquire about doing a photo shoot for themselves.

Let's face it most women are nervous about putting themselves in front of a camera, and the older you are, the more intimidating women find it. So particular emphasis is put on the blogs to show mature women that the very age they think they are too old is the perfect age to capture their forever image.

And I mean an image that captures the real essence of who they are behind their day-to-day persona as a woman.