"If you decide to invest in your forever image try not to overthink it or let others influence you too much. This is about you and creating an image that will always be your true self"

—Laurence W

Beauty Image of a dark haired woman leaning on a sofa back in the boudoir photographic style.

if you'd like to have a chat about arranging your beauty/boudoir shoot send me a brief note and I will arrange a convenient time for us to have an informal chat.

Why there's never a right time to do a beauty portrait shoot.

When you decide you'd like to do a beauty shoot and capture your forever images. Subconsciously you will start putting obstacles up, from wanting to lose more weight to your hair is not right. And don't worry it's natural when you haven't done anything like this before to be a little nervous and put it off.

Once you book a photo shoot you will receive a series of free guide booklets that are designed to make you feel more comfortable about what to wear and how to pose. In the guide books, I also address any questions you may have about the shoots. So when you arrive at my studio you will already feel a new confidence in yourself which will translate into your forever images.

So now this is the time to treat this as the new you, and make the decision for you not anyone else and don't deviate from it.

You won't regret it.