Some Stories from Women Sharing their Beauty/Boudoir Portrait Photography Experience

"True sensuality in a woman can take many years to emerge and is a combination of the learned and the innate.It is that often hidden sensuality in the mature woman I seek to capture."

—Laurence W

Sue's Story

Sue's Story

Sue grew up with loving parents in a well to do Auckland suburb, went to the right schools and mixed with all the right people.

She met the man she would marry in those circles, soon had children.And lived a fast, successful lifestyle, which meant she often spent long periods alone.

In this rush to motherhood and marriage, she knew there was something missing in her daily life that was submerged.

Certainly she loved her children, but did not want people to see her just through them

Sue desperately wanted to see herself, as she was a mature, sensuous woman, and was happy that these images of her could only ever be seen by her.

We both worked together to create Sue's real image, largely down to her. I was just there to capture the moment.

I have kept in touch with Sue and am happy to say that she has a new calm self-confidence that not only permeates her personality but has also been a turning point in how she feels about herself.

Beauty Image with woman in lingerie in the boudoir style

Helen's Story

Helen was one of those women that seemed to live a charmed life.

As a teenager, she was one of those "it" girls who attracted attention wherever she went.

She was the one that always had the best tan and the long golden locks that attracted attention from the opposite sex wherever she went.

However, as often happens, she got dealt difficult hands and suffered a series of debilitating illnesses that reduced her to a shadow of her former self for many years.

Beauty Portrait  of woman in lingerie in the boudoir style.

When she came to me, she was tired of looking like she did even though the essence of her beauty was still there. She had long covered it up with comfortable clothing and practical makeup, which she was to discard for a day and recapture her once again and the sexy, vibrant woman she was.

That day I played a small part in recreating the embodiment of what she indeed was for her. Helen was the star, and I was the observer to capture her reincarnation.

I kept in touch with Helen as I do with all my clients, and her reincarnation did not halt with our photo session at my Auckland Studio It is now part of how she carries herself, her makeup, hair, and clothes. And practicality no longer pervades her makeup and clothes, and boy is she noticed in the right way again it was like the "it"-girl never went away.