Fit Beauty Magazine

The front page of the first edition of fit beauty magazine showcasing women's fitness and health.

"Exercise not only changes your body it changes your attitude and your mood."


The Story behind the Magazine

My name is Laurence Ward, a photographer and writer who has worked in the beauty, fashion and editorial fields for many years. During this time in my profession, I came into contact with many women who had shaken off the negatives of their past and accomplished some amazing things in their careers and personal lives.


The opportunities to do something similar are available to other women like them, but like so many things in life, it needs a trigger to make a start.

This magazine was created to provide this trigger.

It will initially be published every quarter before moving to bi-monthly. And every edition will feature stories of women who adversity before making the decision to change their lives and not look back.

with a no-compromise attitude to their fitness and health.

These women come from all walks of life and each made the decision to change the way they were living their life in a radicle way that was often out of their comfort zone. And that is what will inspire others to do the same to show that your problems are not unique and with the right attitude any negative in your life can be reversed and overcome.


Welcome to the first edition of Fit Beauty, a magazine that showcases a number of women's no-compromise journeys to fitness and health.