Some Questions You may have about your Beauty/Boudoir Portrait Photography Experience

Image of a mature woman with a questioning look on her face.

"Creating the sensual look requires an element of visualisation like remembering a special experience from the past such as the tastiest chocolate that ever passed your lips it doesn't need to be sexy to be sensual"

—Laurence W

Black and White Portrait of a dark haired woman in the glamour portrait style
A beauty portrait of a woman beautifully made up with jewellery around her the glamour portrait style.
A beauty portrait of a woman resting on her elbows her head angled eyes to camera in the glamour portrait style.

Considering A Beauty Portrait Experience?

Q Will my photos be kept private?

At Private Eye keeping your images private is of paramount importance to us.

All of your images are password protected and only retained for a nominated period before being deleted.

Your images will be seen by no one but you unless you give express permission to the contrary.

Q Does it matter what age I am?

No, I specialise in more mature women, usually 35 plus. Unless shooting bridal or maternity beauty portraits.

My style suits a more mature woman seeking to capture a hidden side of herself.

Q I have a few problem areas can you edit them out?

I do not do dramatic edits as I want to portray the real you. However, as a matter of course I remove minor imperfections.

You will find that posing and lighting will minimise most of the problem areas that may worry you with final editing to perfect the image.

Q What about your studio

My Auckland-based studio is flooded with natural light and is ideal for the contemporary portraiture I want to achieve.

I also use professional lighting in conjunction with natural light when needed.

Occasionally depending on the theme selected, I will use an alternative location that aligns more with chosen the theme.

Q Can you explain what a beauty/boudoir portrait is?

My style of beauty/boudoir portraiture is made up of a number of genres.

These include portraiture, fashion, glamour and the increasingly popular boudoir style.

What type of genre you would like to emphasise more comes down to the style for the self-image you wish to create.

Q Do you provide any guidelines as to what I should bring and poses?

Before your shoot, you will have answered my questionnaire on what look you would like to achieve. And in addition to that, you will have received my comprehensive booklet on the most flattering apparel to wear and a guide to flattering poses.