The Beauty/Boudoir Portrait Experience

Incorporating portrait, fashion, glamour and boudoir genres

Illustration of he accessories of a beauty photographic shoot
Image of the beverages and nibbles served for the client at the beauty shoot.
Image of a face with make up being applied by a third party.

The Preliminaries

Private Eye Welcome Pack

Private Eye Posing Guide

Private Eye Apparel and Lingerie Guide

Before the shoot, you will receive the 3 guides above to help you choose what you want to wear. And the basics of posing.

We will have already gone over the themes you are considering by phone or zoom, and you will have filled out my questionnaire to give me an idea of the theme that would suit you.

Please note that many of the photographic images are captured for my boudoir section of the shoot.

wearing lingerie or unconventional attire like oversized tee shirts and leather jackets.

Complimentary Beverages and Nibbles

We want this to be a fun experience for you, so you will have a glass of complimentary beverage of your choice and nibbles waiting for you.

And my assistant is there to provide any touchups and variations in hairstyling and makeup you may need.

Although I err on the side of lighter makeup, it still is an absolute must for this type of imagery to provide contrast in your facial features and mask imperfections.

Hair and Makeup

I offer a more contemporary beauty/boudoir style than the traditional, heavily made-up stylised imagery which grew out of the glamour photography genre popular some years ago.

I will give you makeup and hair instructions, and my female assistant, a trained makeup artist and hairdresser, will be there to add the finishing touches if you need them in my Auckland Studio.

"In my experience over many years of photographing women in a number of genres, I have found women make the decision to capture their sensual side themselves as a means of preserving their forever true self"

—Laurence W

Headshot of a reclining blond haired woman in the boudoir style

Change the way you feel about yourself and capture yourself as the sensuous mature woman you really are.

Change the way you feel about yourself and capture yourself as the sensuous mature woman you really are.